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Too Much Pumpkin: Trader Joe’s Goes Over The Top

Let me just make it clear from the start that I love shopping at Trader Joe’s.  Even when they pull the old cancel-your-favorite-product act (which has happened more than once), I still keep going back.  But this season’s pumpkin invasion … Continue reading

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You Take A Stick Of Bamboo

And cook it in the springtime, oh oh, oh oh, yummy! I’m lucky enough to have a source of fresh bamboo, which is so different from the canned stuff as to be unrecognizable. My friend Jim grows many varieties of … Continue reading

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A Fowl Theme For This Weekend

It was a fun weekend for foodies!  It’s bazaar season again, and one of my sheros was in town.  Two of the best bazaars were held yesterday. I found an addition to my tea towel collection at one.  This towel … Continue reading

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