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History and HerStory: Legal Eats: Food and the Culture of the U.S. Supreme Court

What would you like to know about the eating habits of the Supreme Court? A peek behind the bench was revealed earlier this month when the Smithsonian Food History Program collaborated with the Supreme Court Historical Society to present a … Continue reading

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Cuisine and Coincidence at the Embassy Chef Challenge 2016

Where can one find tastes of eighteen countries’ best dishes in one impressive light-filled atrium?   At the Embassy Chef Challenge, an annual event sponsored by Events DC and Cultural Tourism DC, the folks who bring you the Embassy Open Houses … Continue reading

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New Management, Same Dedication To Local Food: The 2015 Governor’s Buy-Local Cookout

Last year’s Governor’s Buy-Local Cookout belied fears that the change of parties might affect that office’s dedication to Maryland food producers.  The event on the governor’s mansion lawn showed just as much consideration for the promotion of local products as … Continue reading

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Kor Eat Own at the Smithsonian

No, the title is not a typo, but echoes the clever type layout for one of the cookbooks authored by two of the panelists at the program, “Cooking Korean in America.”  Last month, one of the History After Hours sessions … Continue reading

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Have Another Taste: The 2015 Summer Fancy Food Show Part 2: A Fabulous Party and Other Events

I should start with the formal opening ceremony, even though I was just slightly late, and had to stand behind the big cameras.  Never mind, it gave me a chance to take a few of my favorite kind of meta-pictures. … Continue reading

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The Frosting Awakens: The Empire’s Sweet Tooth

Because, why not?  Harris Teeter’s bakery department gets in on the Star Wars madness.  Everything you need for your post-viewing party. The sign says, “These are the baked goods you’re looking for.” P.S. They’re life-size inflatables. I don’t know if … Continue reading

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Jerusalem of Gold: Zahav, The Restaurant, Event and Cookbook

Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook, Zahav, A World of Israeli Cooking, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015   Michael Solomonov is the chef and part owner of the Israeli restaurant Zahav in Philadelphia.  He is also the author of its eponymous cookbook, … Continue reading

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Too Much Pumpkin: Trader Joe’s Goes Over The Top

Let me just make it clear from the start that I love shopping at Trader Joe’s.  Even when they pull the old cancel-your-favorite-product act (which has happened more than once), I still keep going back.  But this season’s pumpkin invasion … Continue reading

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Right In My Own Backyard: Sherwood’s High On Horticulture

Last summer, some students from Sherwood High School showed up at the Olney Farmers Market selling herbs and vegetables.  I had been vaguely aware that Sherwood had greenhouses tucked behind the main building, but I had no idea of the … Continue reading

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What Chefs Talk About When They Talk To Each Other: Chef Connect: Baltimore 2015

Every profession has professional associations, and most professional associations have get-togethers. Meet and mingle, network, see the latest gadgets and raw materials, learn the trends and how to exploit them; in short, become better at what you do – that’s … Continue reading

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