Another Tea-Towel Tale

And a palindromic one, at that.  I got this framed tea-towel at the Medstar Montgomery Hospital Picnic and Bazaar.  It makes a great companion to my previous find.  I have many tea-towels, but only one other is framed and mounted.


Two Tonsures, One Rumpot

Two Tonsures, One Rumpot


And that palindrome – if you don’t know it –  goes like this: “Stop!  Murder us not, tonsured rumpots!”  It’s apparently the correct appeal to rampaging, crazed monks.  An improbable scenario, but an impressive example of the genre.

Not that this monk would ever act like that if he overindulged; he’s more likely to wind those flowers around his tonsure.  If his monastery had a bazaar, he’d be the fish friar, or maybe the chip monk.

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