The Petit Tour of Europe, Part 3: Beer, Bread and Chocolate in Belgium

From the friendly Finns, we walked a few blocks to Belgium, and bumped into – guess what?  another line!  This one moved at a slower pace than any of the others, but we were rewarded with a winding amble around the Embassy while being plied with two kinds of chocolate, a large display of products and samples from Le Pain Quotidien, and on the way out, four varieties of Belgian beer!





But the Belgians weren’t finished with us, no, it turned out that the tickets we were handed at the entrance were good for a serving of waffles from the carts in the courtyard.  This meant, of course, another line.

But it was worth it!  There were two kinds of waffle on offer, sugar waffles (a regional specialty of Liege), and chocolate-chip waffles drizzled with chocolate sauce.  We decided to go with one of each.  Consensus: chocolate wins.  Sorry, Liege!

And lastly, Belgian coffee.  It wasn’t bad, but not nearly as good as the chocolate, waffles and beer.

Next and last: Slovenia.

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