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Today’s Washington Post Food Section has an article about the Corned Beef King food truck.  Readers of this blog will already be aware of this purveyor of excellent corned beef and related dishes. And my picture of Jon in the truck is better, too!

The WaPo did mention the knishes, which I didn’t have opportunity to sample before my post, but have since.  I completely agree that they are delicious.  Jon only sells one variety, but that one combines his delectable corned beef with potatoes and cheese in a flaky crust.  One of these will serve for lunch, or two for dinner.  They’re good with mustard, or Jon’s “angry sauce,” or the way we ate them – alternately with both.  The angry sauce is not as spicy as it sounds, but does have a healthy dose of horseradish.

I look forward to trying the corned beef  hash on the weekend.  Call ahead to order and avoid a cold wait: 571-305-2333 or 571-505-4125.

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